Spelqweqs Development LP is empowered to pursue business and economic development opportunities on behalf of the Canim Lake Band. We pursue business opportunities throughout our territory including ranching, agriculture, forestry, real estate, tourism, pipelines, and construction.


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Kenkeknem Forest Tenures

Kenkeknem Forest Tenures holds the Canim Lake Band’s forest tenures. They are responsible for managing our forests and selling logs to local facilities. Kenkeknem has developed its own Forest Stewardship Plan called the Snine Forest Stewardship Plan which outlines how Kenkeknem will manage forests to the values of the Tsq’escen’ people. It’s a unique approach to sustainable forest management. 

CLB Development Corp

The CLB Development Corp is responsible for all land holdings outside of the Canim Lake Band’s reserves.

Sisk Pipelines (2021) Ltd

Sisk Pipelines is a pipeline management company operating within Canim Lake Band’s traditional territory. Among other things Sisk works on pipeline maintenance. Pipelines within the Canim Lake Band’s territory include Enbridge Natural Gas pipeline and the Trans Mountain Expansion.

Teniye Logging Ltd

A Band owned company established to complete logging contracts with private contracts, and the Band’s forest management company, Kenkeknem. Teniye can manage all phases of the logging process.


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