The business division of the
Canim Lake Band.

Like the Eagle, SDLP will be recognized as a symbol of excellence in sustainable, prosperous and inclusive economic development that benefits the Tsq’escenemc now and forever.


We are empowered to
pursue business and economic development

Spelqweqs Development LP is empowered to pursue business and economic development opportunities on behalf of the Canim Lake Band. We pursue business opportunities throughout our territory including ranching, agriculture, forestry, real estate, tourism, pipelines, and construction.

Our Cores Values

Spelqweqs is here to make an impact

At Spelqweqs we believe that business and entrepreneurship leads to economic improvement.  We are engaging the local community and enabling further business development that will create jobs, raise well-being and make our community grow.


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Office in USA

Job Posting

SDC is seeking their next CEO and requires an enthusiastic, business minded senior leader to guide this vibrant organization.


Take a look at our current projects

The businesses we partner with are making a difference. Check out some of the companies we work with below and if you are interested in starting a business, contact us today!

CLB Development Corp

Kenkeknem Forest Tenures

Sisk Pipelines (2021) Ltd

Teniye Logging Ltd


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